This project focused on a two-stage process of a logo suite and package design based on the six virtues of Courage, Justice, Humanity, Temperance, Wisdom, and Transcendence. I chose to represent the virtues of animals native to North America. The three virtues that I chose for the logos are Justice (the Raven), Temperance (the Fox), and Humanity (the Rabbit).

The Raven represents Justice as a messenger and birds are associated as early morning creatures. Justice is associated with the energy drink as is the relationship between the individual and the group, therefore going with the idea that this pack can be shared or enjoyed alone. The Rabbit represents Humanity due to their prosperity, fertility, and energy.

Humanity and the Rabbit are pre-workout due to their quickness and the potential they represent. The Fox represents Temperance due to its cunning nature and its ability to adapt to many situations and environments. I chose the fox and the virtue temperance to represent hydration sticks for the aspect of moderation. Although hydration is important, you can exercise control with this flavored drink.

My research shows that in relation to health supplements, women are more likely to take something designed for women or with a more feminine packaging, while men are likely to take a supplement as long it is proven to show results. I wanted to create a packaging trio that catered to the audience and made sense in its respected market while also following the brand’s identity and regulatory compliance.