SOLO, a premium cannabis brand from Medocann, stands out in the industry for its unwavering commitment to top-notch quality. Cultivated in a controlled indoor environment, it ensures a superior product with careful supervision and attention to detail. Priced higher in the market, SOLO embraces a boutique standard, moving beyond everyday social smoking.

Our strategy for SOLO focuses on turning its exclusivity into a captivating narrative. The brand narrates a story of secrecy, inviting individuals to join an exclusive, closed group—an experience known only to those in the know. The consumption journey is deeply personal, aligning with the chosen name, SOLO, reflecting individuality.

The brand’s distinct identity is captured in a robust logotype with the numeral 1, the tagline “you’re the one,” and prime numbers for strain names. The visual language uses a powerful bilingual typography system, complemented by a deep, sophisticated prime color. A quality holographic chrome finish adds an adventurous and unconventional touch, solidifying its unique appeal.


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