The Face Shop x The Simpsons Sunscreen Range

BXL Packaging Design


📗 Works: Packaging ideas for cosmetics brand The Face Shop x The Simpsons sunscreen range.
💡 Designed by BXL Creative
✨ Design inspiration: The designer created the product shape based on the physical appearance and product characteristics of the Simpsons family. There is a certain connection between the function and the character, and the product design and the character image are cleverly combined.

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Curator’s Insight

Imagine stepping into Face Shop and grabbing a bottle of sunscreen emblazoned with Homer’s head. That’s the playful premise behind BXL Creative’s ingenious design for The Face Shop’s collaboration with The Simpsons. Each sunscreen is meticulously crafted to reflect the unique characteristics of its beloved characters.

More than just sun protection, this collection celebrates The Simpsons’ quirky charm. The clever packaging design seamlessly blends function with character, creating a fun and effective collection.

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