Andare is a brand of cafeteria drinks packaged in glass for greater conservation and with an aluminum lid in the color of the label in 200 ml portions with flavors such as taro, matcha, chai and latte in its cold presentation since the ideal is that are kept refrigerated.

The ANDARE brand has this name because of the definition of “to take away” in the Italian language since the main purpose of the brand is for people to take it anywhere and enjoy it.

The shape of the container is circular but flat on the sides and base so that it is easy to hold with any size of hand, especially by young people and adults, who is the target audience for the product.

The color palette used is mainly the colors of the drinks:

  • Taro: Light Purple
  • Matcha: Pistachio green
  • Chai: Beige
  • Latte: Light coffee

All colors are kept neutral in contrast to the color of the drink in darker and lighter tones using white in the brand name to give it relevance since all the labeling elements go directly on the glass and most without any other additional background.

The fonts used contain curves and circles such as the shape of the bottle.

Each brand beverage can be enjoyed in a unique packaging experience.

This project is a prototype.