Blank Space by Dropbox

charmie shah


Design professionals often struggle with fear of the blank canvas, hindering their creativity and leading to a focus on execution over exploration.


Create an experience that empowers designers to overcome their fear of the blank page, embrace experimentation, and rediscover their creative freedom.


The event’s core concept was “boundless exploration.” This manifested in every aspect of the design, from the logo to the event space itself.

The logo embodied fluidity and exploration. The letters were designed to move freely, avoiding any rigid structure. A softer color palette and a subtle text blend created a sense of vastness and openness, inviting exploration and experimentation. The overall tone evoked a meditative and ethereal atmosphere, encouraging creative flow rather than forced creation.

The use of metal and glass in installations and badges reflects the surrounding environment of Palm Springs, reinforcing the sense of boundlessness while remaining unobtrusive.


Creative Direction and Design: Charmie Shah
Production Agency: OTHR Agency