Nevil Patel

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

boAt x Spotify
The collaboration between two giants in the audio industry, Boat and Spotify, presents a remarkable fusion of expertise and innovation. Boat, renowned for its best audio devices, partners with Spotify, India’s leading audio platform, to introduce a new collection of products that redefine excellence.By leveraging the brand equity of Boat and Spotify, this partnership not only delivers exceptional audio products but also celebrates Indian culture and promotes local artists.

The essence of this collaboration lies in the concept of “the best gets better”.The packaging design embodies sophistication and premium quality, featuring an elegant all-black exterior. Leveraging scanimation, the packaging offers an interactive experience, revealing hidden messages and visuals that showcase the synergy between Boat and Spotify.

What distinguishes this packaging is its seamless interactions and cultural expression. Spotlighting Indian art and music, curated Spotify playlists featuring local talent are prominently featured. Each package includes a special note with QR code for complimentary access to Spotify Premium, enhancing the user experience and fostering a deeper connection to the rich culture.

This was a hypothetical student project.


Nevil Patel | Zincy Shale – Communication Design

Meet Patel – Industrial design

Guidance: Prof. Pritesh Bhatia and Mr. Jaimin Bhavsar

Institute: GLS Institute of Design, Ahmedabad