Vietnam has multiple festival holidays throughout the year with each celebrating an idea, a belief that is passed down from generation to generation. The mid-autumn festival is one such occasion. In this holiday, children get to enjoy moon cake and participate in activities that only take place during the mid-autumn festival- such as parading carrying colorful lanterns under the bright moonlight. Taking inspiration from these images from our childhood, we created the images of the three mid-autumn lantern deities who bring the children joy and happiness.

The models of the three deities are developed from three unique mid-autumn lantern designs: the rabbit lantern with sharp cuts and decorated with small pieces of paper-like shape with straight edges; the butterfly lantern created from semicircles and smooth curves that match the overall design; and the fish lantern design is inspired by the smooth movement of a swimming fish with fin-like shapes. The attires of the deities are a combination of traditional Ao Ngu Than and Ao Dai with the traditional Vietnamese opera costumes Tuong. The scarf and headwear originated from local Vietnamese deities from different temples and pagodas. The facial features of the three deities are inspired by traditional mid-autumn masks, another signature of the occasion. Colors and make-up details are aligned with each design and its inspiration.

The large container box is designed with 2 open levels. The first level is made from mica and embossed with the story of the deities while the second level opens up a space with nostalgic stalls selling fish, butterflies and rabbit lanterns and lion heads. Within the box, there are space for you to stage your own exhibition, where you craft your own stories. This is a gift from memories, bringing with it the love for Vietnamese culture that Chichi&Stung want to create and share with everyone.

Creative direction: Chichi&Stung
Art direction: Chichi&Stung
Design & Illustration: Chichi&Stung
3D Artist: PolyB