Mont-Yak | Dairy Product Packaging

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Mont-Yak, a premium yak milk product, combining modern technology and time-honored dairy processing techniques deeply rooted in Mongolian tradition. Crafted by APU Dairy LLC, national foremost dairy producer.

The yak drinks from the fresh springs and streams of the high mountains and grazes on unique vegetation adorned with rare plants. During winter, it shares the mountains with wild animals, dwelling among the rocks, deep forests, and snowy peaks. When spring arrives, it descends from the mountains. By consuming its rare milk, one can strengthen the body and sharpen the mind.


Our journey began with the vision to create a brand identity that resonates with Mongolia’s rich heritage. Drawing inspiration from traditional motifs found in Mongolian household artifacts, and the unique medical flower now lotus, which grows on the Khangai Mountains at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level.

As the logo, the yak lived in the Khangai mountain range from the time of the Huns, and the logo was inspired by the yak depicted in the archeological discovery, incorporating the idea that it lives among the clouds on the peaks of the mountains.

‌Regarding packaging, milk products are processed in many ways in Mongolian nomadic culture, and the Mont-Yak brand produces products such as dried curd, milk butter, ghee, and sour milk. Therefore we settled on a small single-use package which allows the product to be organic without additional shelf life.


Our design ethos, steeped in Mongolian aesthetics, reflecting the nation’s cultural legacy amidst the rapid pace of modernization.