Loukas Chondros

Αθήνα, Ελλάδα

Packaging design for a 100% natural vegan snack, Bananostafido—a whole dried Cretan organic banana produced by NAMI Banana Farming.

The packaging is inspired by the banana peel. The embossed brown spots imitate both the markings that naturally appear when banana skin is gently touched by the leaves during outdoor cultivation, and the ones caused by the aging process.

Mimicking the familiar act of peeling a banana, there is a designated perforated area on the packaging. This feature allows the consumer to easily open by tearing with a simple, intuitive motion, offering a seamless and engaging experience. It’s a tactile journey—simple yet impactful.

To enhance the banana experience, the logo sticker is meticulously applied by hand—featuring the same sticker that is designed for the fresh NAMI banana. In addition, the inner surface of the box features the same pale yellow color as the inner side of a banana peel.

Within the box, the product is sealed in a transparent vacuum bag for optimal product preservation.