Police Watches – An Experience



Revamped packaging for Police watches aims to enhance visual appeal, elevate brand recognition, and improve product presentation. Featuring a modern and sophisticated design, it captivates attention and communicates the brand’s quality and style, ensuring a memorable unboxing experience for customers.

Narrative Exploration of Theme

Drenched in the essence of bold masculinity, the packaging for the iconic Police watch reflects a sense of resilience and power. Through a fusion of rugged aesthetics and refined graphic elements, it embodies the brand’s unforgettable character and prolonged commitment to quality, promising a narrative that resonates with strength and sophistication.

Innovative Packaging Solution

The solution offers experiential packaging for the Police watch. The packaging’s sturdy and daring appearance complements the brand’s language. The box is crafted from thermoformed polycarbonate, it also comprises an acrylic box that acts as the primary packaging of the watch, each graphic element on the box is screen printed to achieve the required finish as well as for an added bit of detail.

Unique feature

The upper components are attached to the box using neodymium magnets, which can be detached and function independently, while the inner acrylic box serves as a display unit for the watch.

It’s a Hypothetical project.


Kaustubh Shinkar, Anushka Tare [Industrial design]

Atharva Patil, Kushan Thakkar [Graphic design]


Guidance: Prof. Pritesh Bhatia and Mr. Jaimin Bhavsar

Institute: GLS Institute of Design, Ahmedabad