packaging Revamp for Monginis



“Rediscover Monginis, the beloved bakery brand trusted across India, with our exciting repackaging initiative. Engaging and interactive, our new design captures the essence of the Indian market, promising a delightful experience at every glance.”


The rebranding of Monginis bakery products aims to modernize packaging while preserving tradition. Our concept focuses on engaging the Indian market deeply through a consistent and simplified design language. Retaining Monginis’ color theme fosters familiarity, reinforcing brand identity. The packaging serves as both a protective and marketing tool, enticing customers with visually appealing design and evoking feelings of freshness and reliability, aligning with Monginis’ brand values.

So here we are presenting the newly redesigned Monginis packaging, featuring an array of delectable treats including cakes, pastries, cookies, donuts, and muffins.”

“This is a hypothetical project” 

Team: Hritika Agarwal  |  Soumya Upadhyaya  |  Sudeeptha Prabhakaran  |  Shanaya Shah

Faculties: Prof. Pritesh Bhatia and Mr. Jaimin Bhavsar
Institute: GLS Institute of Design, GLS University,  Ahmedabad