Cecilia’s Farm Fruit Smoothie Bars & Boxes

Storm Wiggett

Cecilia’s Farm Fruit Smoothie Bars and Boxes

By: Ginger Storm – Storm Wiggett

Cecilia’s Farm is a six-generation family business that has established the legacy of producing some of the world’s best dried fruit. This family farm has secured a reputation for creating unique modernised dried fruit products out  of the most luxurious raw produce to appeal to a broadening market. They continue to innovate and expand their product lines to meet the demands of consumers who are looking for healthier snacks.

Cecilia’s Farm wanted me to create a packaging concept that was modern and premium looking. The strategic direction and packaging execution was to situate them as a world leader in the dried fruit industry so I opted for clean lines and photography instead of the market trend of favouring quirky illustration-style packaging. For these bars, I also wanted to veer away from the competition, which often highlights comical illustrations, or the slap-dash approach of clear wrapping with a generic looking label.

I used elegant typography and bold colours so that the product text stood out. However, I contrasted this with a more muted brown for the company logo and ingredients. This develops a colour relationship between Cecilia’s Farm and their commitment to what goes inside each bar.

The Fruit Smoothie Bars have a contemporary feel through the matt high quality boxes, the trendy Nordic pastel shades, and the striking diagonal lines. As with all Cecilia’s Farm products, I utilised world-class food photography that doesn’t just show consumers what’s in each bar, but showcases the ingredients and product.

The outcome is a blend of my favourite design ingredients to create the perfect packaging.