Dabur: Immunity Pack


Dabur: Immuno Pawer Pack

Dabur has been providing its Ayurvedic charm for over 100 years. Their products are always hungry for health-oriented people. But the challenge they often find is the hunt for a combined ayurveda pack for consumption; thus, people end up picking whatever other ayurvedic product they see while buying. To fill the gap, our approach would be for people and Dabur, where both can get leverage from this innovation.

Introducing Dabur’s products in the range could address the concerns of millennials with healthy solutions, so Dabur can be repositioned because of their diversified products, and the image of the brand would be uplifted among the millennials.

Concept: Introduction
“Wave of Ayurveda” encapsulates the essence of Dabur’s heritage, trust, and innovation in the realm of natural healthcare. This theme celebrates the holistic and traditional effects of Ayurveda, which have been the cornerstone of Dabur’s originality and enduring trust among consumers. At the heart of this concept is the portrayal of the ‘wave’ as a symbol of both the timeless efficacy and the dynamic evolution of Ayurvedic products.

Key Elements:

  1. Holistic Tradition:
    The theme revolves around the holistic nature of Ayurveda, emphasizing its time-tested efficacy in promoting overall well-being. Dabur’s commitment to preserving and promoting traditional Ayurvedic practices is showcased through original photography, capturing the essence of natural ingredients and ancient remedies. These visuals serve as a testament to Dabur’s dedication to authenticity and purity.

  2. Dynamic Effectiveness:
    The ‘wave’ element represents the dynamic effectiveness of Dabur’s products, symbolizing the continuous flow of innovation and adaptation. Inspired by Dabur’s logo, the wave design signifies the brand’s ability to evolve with changing times while staying true to its roots. It reflects the brand’s agility in responding to consumer needs and market trends, ensuring that Dabur remains at the forefront of natural healthcare solutions.

Integration into the Product Experience:
The theme seamlessly integrates into Dabur’s product packaging and branding, creating a cohesive visual identity that resonates with consumers. From the vibrant imagery on product labels to the fluid lines of packaging design, every element reflects Dabur’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Whether it’s a staple Ayurvedic remedy or a premium product offering, the Wave of Ayurveda theme reinforces Dabur’s position as a trusted leader in holistic healthcare.

This was a hypothetical project.


Sahil Patel | Jay Raval – Communication Design

Tanmay Shah – Industrial Design

Guidance: Prof. Pritesh Bhatia and Mr. Jaimin Bhavsar

Institute: GLS Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Gujarat