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When a trio of cousins wanted to share the spices they grew up eating in their grandmother’s kitchen, they approached Outline to establish the brand’s dream-like foundation and vivid brand world.

Easy-to-use packaging, an invented name and custom wordmark by Outline set the course for an energetic yet elevated feel that would appeal to new audiences. The interlocking Os of Outline’s custom wordmark nod to connection and transition – powerful themes in both cooking and familial relationships. The embellished R and S introduced a patterning effect while winking at the founders’ initials.

Droosh was conceived to demystify Indian flavors and make them more accessible – whether consumers were making an Indian-inspired meal, or just a fresh, crunchy salad with spiced breadcrumbs.

Easy-to-spot, stackable containers make accessing Droosh – whether you need a pinch or a scoop – simple. The metallic gold foil references the value of the spices and the magic they add to a dish, while custom iconography per blend adds personality. Outline leaned into deep colors, gold detailing and a friendly brand voice to set the scene for adoption by healthy, adventurous and in-the-know eaters.

Each Droosh blend contains perfectly balanced amounts of hard-to-find spices, and the website makes it a point to share the backgrounds and benefits of each individual spice through rich photography. Outline created Droosh’s rich, lush brand world using ingredients and cultural touchstones from the Rathi cousins’ own childhood. In the brand’s photoshoot, their grandmother’s saris were used as backgrounds, while whole ingredients, meaningful florals, and special trinkets were scattered among spice blends – creating a dreamy world of Droosh lore.