About – LICKIES is the ultimate go-to ice Cream brand for dogs. They supply the tastiest frozen dog treats for your favorite PAWfriends.
Let’s Make this summer PAWmazing

Idea Behind this visual identity:  The visual identity of LICKIES is crafted to appeal to both dogs and their owners. Understanding that dogs have limited color vision, the chosen color palette incorporates pet-friendly shades of blue and yellow. These colors evoke a sense of freshness and coolness and are visually stimulating for dogs.

The flavors of the ice cream are carefully selected to be safe and enjoyable for pets, ensuring a delightful experience in summer without compromising their health.

Concept Design: The logo design of LICKIES is rooted in simplicity and relevance to the brand’s identity. The use of negative space within the letters “c” and “k” forms a subtle representation of a dog’s tongue, subtly nodding to the brand name “LICKIES.”

The first “I” in the logo is cleverly shaped like a bone, symbolizing the dogs’ excitement and anticipation when presented with treats. This reinforces the brand’s focus on providing enjoyable experiences for pets.