Meadowlark Space Suits

Russ Gray

This nostalgic playing card collector’s set was inspired by antique space toys and comics produced by Meadowlark Decks. The client (a Pharmacist in Nebraska) and designer (an illustrator living in Utah) both channeled their childhoods to create this unique card deck. The individual deck tuck boxes were intended to resemble vintage comic book covers, and of course, this project would not have been complete without a full-size tin lunchbox featuring a space hero.

The tuck boxes are printed in 4-color process on a matte coated sheet, with embossing and hit with a spot UV. The lunchbox is printed with a matte finish and embossed. The tuck boxes are packed inside the lunchbox with a foam liner.

An additional version of the tuck boxes was printed on a holographic-foil box, with a matte over-print. Each tuck box is closed with an adhesive seal of authenticity.