Shizuoka Green Tea


Shizuoka Green Tea is cooperation between Shizuoka Prefecture and ICHITAN Group PLC. The objective is to create awareness among Thai people on Shizuoka as the Tea Capital of Japan. The product has been granted the Official Partnership of Shizuoka Tea Export Association. By selecting “Ichiban Cha”: the first harvest of the season, tea leaves are packed with nutrition, resourced by melted snow stream from the tip of Mouth Fuji together with minerals from volcanic soil are the keys of tea quality. High nutrition, soft aroma, fine taste have made distinguish characteristic of Shizuoka tea.

Shizuoka Green Tea has 2 different flavors as well as 2 different perspectives of the city; during day and night. We take this differentiation of the city as a communication perspective.

Shizuoka Green Tea: Natural Flavor
Pureness, mild taste and finest quality of the 1st flush tea aspect is presented by clearness and exquisite of label design to deliver the massage of natural tranquility of Saruga bay with Mouth Fuji at the background.

Shizuoka Green Tea: Mildly Sweet
A perfect combination of blended tea with fine matcha powder and mild sweetness was communicated through the shining of city light sparkled at the night time of Shizuoka on the label. The packaging is designed with a wide bottle mouth so that the consumers can experience the aroma of tea as same as drinking from a teacup.