Terre di Vita / Tell me about your family


“Tell me about your family” is the story of the first encounter with Giuseppe Vita, owner of the “Terre di Vita” agricultural company, located in Acri, in the province of Cosenza (Calabria).

During the first meeting, Giuseppe expressed his desire to dedicate each of their wines to his grandparents because, in addition to the natural emotional bond he had with them, he wanted to thank them for the sacrifices they made to buy the land on which the family vineyards and olive groves now stand.

The first of the two wines is a red one, dedicated to Enrico: “Grandfather had his hair combed back, a ‘potato’ nose, and thin eyebrows. His character was reserved, slightly introverted, few words but at the same time ironic with a sly smile. He dressed elegantly, always with a jacket, tie, vest, and his ever-present hat.”

The second wine, on the other hand, is a rosé dedicated to Rosaria: “Grandmother had dark, curly hair, pronounced cheekbones, and a flattened nose. Her lips were thin, and on her forehead, you could see the signs of time from a life spent working in the fields. In everyday life, she didn’t dress elegantly, but she always wore small flower-shaped earrings.”

The two labels are born from these stories and depict grandfather Enrico and grandmother Rosaria: their faces are drawn in a simple, sometimes cubist manner, but without neglecting some of the details that distinguished them. Below their left eye, a hot-foil stamped element recalls the company’s logo, emphasizing the connection with a story born thanks to their work.

Curator’s Insight

The concept of dedicating wines to grandparents and using their stories as inspiration is a strong emotional hook. Consumers connect with authenticity, and this personal narrative creates a unique brand identity for “Terre di Vita.