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Delhi, India

Wheat & Flour Packaging Design By Expand Buzz

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Aaryabhog is a leading brand in the flour and wheat products industry from Kota (Jaipur), specializing in the production of high-quality, freshly ground whole wheat flour. The brand delves into the journey of highlighting its history, key strategies, and the impact it has made in the market.It is imperative for the brand to exude a premium aura to resonate with the discerning tastes of high-class consumers. Its commitment to providing consumers with pure and nutritious whole wheat flour has made it a leader in the market, with a promising future of continued growth and innovation. Aaryabhog is poised for further global expansion. It intends to explore new markets and expand its product range to cater to a wider range of international preferences, ensuring that it remains a prominent player in the global wheat flour export industry.


Aaryabhog needed to launch a new brand while simultaneously planning to expand its market through exports. This expansion required careful consideration of market dynamics, regulatory compliance, and effective branding to appeal to diverse global consumers. Additionally, ensuring a consistent quality of wheat packaging for export was a logistical challenge. The wheat market was saturated with numerous competing brands, making it a highly competitive environment. Standing out and surpassing competitors was paramount. Strategies to distinguish the brand in a crowded market needed to be formulated and executed effectively. The objective was to introduce a premium wheat segment that would attract high-class consumers. It involved crafting a brand identity, messaging, and packaging that exuded a premium aura and resonated with the target high-class demographic.

Our Approach

We created a logo that combined trending and modern design elements, ensuring it was a standout feature. We meticulously designed a range of options, paying special attention to both the brand color and packaging color. We opted for a distinctive shade of brown that set our brand apart from competitors. On the first day of the product launch, we achieved exceptional results, with a total of 1,000 bags of wheat, each weighing 30kg, sold. This impressive sales figure demonstrated the successful execution of our packaging design strategy and the resonance of our brand’s unique design and packaging with consumers. It underscored the brand’s immediate appeal and market potential.