Wine is a drink that brings us closer to the gods and helps us open our minds. We developed the Anamorphosis project, which is based on the Thracian legends of the heroes Orpheus, Zalmoxis and Dionysus. Thanks to our Anamorphosis project, every person can look “into another world” for a few seconds and become part of a legend, open their consciousness to new emotions and memories.

The package consists of:

Outer tube – depicting a mask design, symbolic death or transition to another world; Inner label – mirror surface with golden eyes (symbolizing the point of immortality) on one side and Thracian symbols on the other side; A sheet of paper with a distorted image of a forest is a supporting element for the transition to another world.

Project idea:

The project is a series of three packs of collectible wines and is based on the legends of the Thracian heroes Orpheus, Zalmoxis and Dionysus.

Wine is interpreted as a mythical drink through which someone can pass into the world of immortality by initiation into the mystery. The transition is accomplished through the ancient art of Anamorphosis (a distorted projection that allows the image to be seen from a certain perspective). Anamorphosis is a symbolic disintegration, a rupture of the image after a symbolic death, along the path of self-perception.

The names we gave the wines consist of names of Thracian characters and contain the word ANAMORPHOSIS:

  • Orpheus – ANAMORFEO
  • Zalmoxis – ZALMORPHIS
  • Dionysus – DIONYSOSIS

What needs to be done to “transition”:

Place the wine in the designated location indicated on the slip.

Attention! It is necessary the person’s eyes to match the eyes he sees on the mirror surface of the label. A layer of images will appear on the label and you will see the face of someone who has crossed over to the “other world”. Through anamorphosis, the image is reunited, a new image is born in the mirror. The person passes into a new anthropo-demonic stasis of immortality, similar to the mythological Thracian hero-priests Dionysus, Orpheus and Zalmoxis.