Gepach Effervescent Range Pack Design


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Gepach, a healthcare brand launched a new range of effervescent products in the prescriptive as well as over-the-counter (OTC) segment. The products offer multi-sensory psychological, scientific as well as functional benefits to the consumers. The product’s efficacy is not only comparable to conventional medicine but is also superior in terms of taste, speed and ease of use.

We developed a communicative visual system to narrate the story behind the effervescent range, including:

  • Targeted health issues for each medication
  • The effervescent nature of the medication
  • Promised delight and results

Each pack in the effervescent range features a unique tablet mnemonic and colour scheme corresponding to the targeted health issue for quick and easy identification. The effervescent range packs are designed for prescriptive and over-the-counter use. So it was crucial to ensure clear and effective communication on the packs for easy understanding, while also maintaining a playful appeal for pharmacy shelves.