Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Tribe is a community-oriented, farm-to-table spice brand. It offers unadulterated and natural ground spices to serve the young and changing India. Taking the onus from mothers and grandmothers, it is founded by an ex-merchant navy captain and is therefore uniquely approved by dad!

We designed the packaging for Indian spices, inspired by the grassroots literally! Imbibing elements and motifs from the farmland, local fauna, community and their culture, a clean, honest and fresh packaging emerged. Rooted in Indian soil, it promises nature-approved unadulterated products. The packaging is designed around the brand values of boldness, simplicity, culturally inclined and community-oriented.

The mascot, the Scaly-breasted Munia is an Indian farm bird that feeds mainly on grass and seeds apart from berries and small insects. It is endemic to the Indian Subcontinent, specifically India, thereby adding a unique Indianness to the brand. Further, it is always the living creatures who can distinguish the authentic from the fake. Hence, the Munia is a natural stamp of unadulterated products by the brand.

The rural tattoo designs comprise beautiful intricate forms, many of which are inspired by nature. ‘Tribe’ brand patterns have been developed by grouping these motifs in different combinations inspired by the Indian seasons, integral to farming. The pack colours reflect the colours of the products inside, in this case, Turmeric yellow. The patterns and colours evoke a strong connection with nature as well as culture.