Milpa is a distinctive Mexican 100% corn-based whiskey crafted in the highlands of Oaxaca, embodying a unique process rooted in conscientious farming and natural fermentation with indigenous yeast in wood tanks in the outdoors.

Inspired by pre-Hispanic heritage and Mexican tradition, Milpa’s name and concept pays homage to the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations and their agricultural legacy, particularly the milpa farming system dating back 8,000 years in the south-central region of present-day Mexico. This farming method involves intercropping corn, beans, squash and chilis, with corn serving as the central vertical support for beans and providing a valuable shade to the other crops.

Drawing from the rich cultural tapestry of Oaxaca, Milpa’s identity is influenced by the vibrant colors and bas-reliefs of the pre-Hispanic city of Mitla, as well as the natural landscape of the region. The red hue of the Ambar label reflects the color of cooked blue corn, while the green background of the Blanco label symbolizes the germination process integral to Milpa’s unique flavor profile.

The wordmark that we designed for the brand evokes the vintage lettering of old Mexican cantinas (bar), stores and apothecaries, with a symbol representing the majestic mountains and the milpa as a cherished jewel of the earth. Likewise, the label’s geometrical shape in the bottle is inspired by the Mesoamerican abstract art, adopting a form that remind us of a gem.

Milpa – Joya de la Tierra / Jewel of the Earth