New Value of Water—Transforming Lifestyles with High-End Bottles

The mineral water brand “NOT JUST A BOTTLE” enhances everyday life with its design and functionality. This brand uses simple, elegant, label-free bottle designs, prioritizing environmental consciousness while meeting the style needs of sophisticated consumers. The bottles are slim, making them easy to carry anywhere.

The products use water sourced from Japan’s beautiful natural environments—280ml bottles contain ultra-soft water from Mt. Naeba in Niigata, and 500ml bottles use natural water from Mt. Fuji. Each water type reflects the unique local characteristics, making daily hydration a special experience.

Additionally, the brand’s involvement of disabled individuals in the production process demonstrates social responsibility and promotes inclusivity through job support. This allows consumers to make socially meaningful choices, elevating “NOT JUST A BOTTLE” as a brand that enhances the quality of lifestyle through water.