Wrocław, Poland

Our collaboration with Zojo Elixirs continues to redefine the boundaries of supplement packaging design. Tasked with making the third collagen formula stand out, we leaned into the artistry of its ‘pink drink’ essence. This design journey was not just about aesthetics; it was about transforming the act of supplementation into a delightful daily ritual. By capturing the essence of the product’s unique blend, our packaging invites users to sip a healthful pink drink, elevating what could be seen as a routine into a moment of wellness and joy. The result? A beneficial supplement and visually stunning piece of art in your home embodying the ritual of enjoying a vibrant, nourishing beverage.

Our design approach for Zojo Elixirs focused on a harmonious blend of function and beauty. In line with previous Zojo products, we enhanced the packaging with side illustrations, adding to the visual narrative while underscoring functional details. The design strategically employs a spectrum of pinks to highlight the product’s name and visually celebrate the inviting ritual it facilitates, guaranteeing its standout role as an emblem of healthful elegance in any display.