Saint Felix Distillery x The Mulberry Group – Small Steps Gin

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Saint Felix Distillery x The Mulberry Group Collaboration

Small Steps Gin

The collaboration was to showcase both Saint Felix and The Mulberry Group through this gin recipe to create a tantalizing gin that not only delights the palate but also educates consumers on the small steps towards a more sustainable future.

We are all collectively trying to make better design choices for the environment and small steps like reducing printed labels and tapes can help us on the way to a more sustainable future.

The visual identity was therefore inspired by transparency. We inform consumers on the direct to bottle printing approach, with detailed metrics showing the reduction in packaging waste due to the direct to bottle application. Therefore adding substance to sustainable storytelling.

The Gin is Available exclusively at The Mulberry Group venues, where 10% of all profit goes towards supporting Common Ground Project, a not-for-profit regenerative agriculture community farm & social enterprise.

The concept is dedicated to empowering individuals to become conscious consumers and encourage other businesses to take small steps to a more sustainable world.