Burma Burma’s Bubble Tea

Rushil Bhatnagar

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Burma Burma’s Bubble Tea Packaging brings in the summer

Burma Burma Restaurant ( India ) food is inspired by the culinary culture of Burma coupled with the love of sharing it with your closed ones. Summers in Myanmar ( formerly Burma) are usually filled with lazy afternoons & long evenings. Only one word echoes during these months – Holidays. The wardrobe experiences a shift to longyi & loose shirts that are full of colourful patterns while the mood is at an all time high to step outside the house and conquer the bylanes of your native place.

The launch of the new range of Bubble Teas aims to capture the spirit of summers in Burma. An all new 14 flavour menu that comprises of Lotus Biscoff, Taro Latte, Yuzu Lemonade and even Korean Banana, are developed in association with the help of a masterful team at GOT TEA, India, to provide an authentic experience of Bubble Tea in the restaurant or as a takeaway beverage!

Our goal with Packaging Design was quite straight-forward since the beginning. After multiple discussions with the Restaurant team, we wanted to give a personalised touch to the takeaway box while allowing the process of choosing flavours and customisation to be easy for both consumers and the restaurant through the label.

To establish each category and make Bubble Teas accessible for all age groups, the packaging label spots a deep blue colour for Milk based teas and a deep maroon for Fruit based teas for easy identification.

The Design Team did a deep dive into the lifestyle and tribes of Burma. The packaging spot motifs that pay a tribute to the dresses of the Kachin Tribe in Burma who are often related to dancing as an artform to express themselves. During the design process, we made a conscious choice to steer away from a typeface that would have round and bubbly characteristics, commonly spotted in this range; we wanted to call out ‘ Bubble Tea ‘ with a typeface that could represent the carefully crafted nature and history of the teas, helping us arrive on a distinct look that would be the true to our spirit.

All flavours accompany a takeaway packaging that comprises a packaging label and a delivery box with a circular cutout, giving a glimpse into the flavour. While in the restaurant, the Bubble Teas are served in custom white etched glasses, channelling the bubbly feeling of summers.

The all new 14 flavour menu is now available in all 12 outlets across India and available for delivery!