Lome pomegranate juice


The new Lome pomegranate juice packaging is the result of an exciting journey, involving several top-notch Italian communication agencies. Their ideas went through detailed market research, mixing both qualitative and quantitative approaches to find out what a large crowd of consumers really loved.

Our idea won the day! It features a cool pomegranate-shaped window that highlights the juice’s natural goodness, along with the catchy statement “100% fresh fruit.” Both elements scored high with all kinds of audiences. Plus, the window not only looks great but also gives a sneak peek of the tasty juice inside, making it even more tempting.

What made our proposal shine? A vibrant and lively color palette that pops off the shelf, realistic yet simple illustrations that tell the story at a glance, a dynamic and modern font that’s easy to read, and a back label bursting with well-organized info.



Lome Superfruit