MADAM Lindinha Lucas


Porto, Portugal

When our friends of MADAM Lindinha Lucas approached us to redesign their brand, we knew that this would be a tough one. Using a female image on a beer brand always brings different challenges to create something that is not derogatory to women and still appealing, both to men and women. With this in mind, we decided to turn the women the stars of the show, literally.

Based on their initial concept, we wanted to elevate the brand and put it under the spotlights and present each beer as a women performed show. We designed the new logo, a MADAM’s autograph with a single line lady drawing, holding a hop flower. The labels were inspired by show tickets and all the copy was created to fit this theme, including the final date of consumption radial graphic. The art deco custom font and the clean illustration style completes the identity.

Let the show begin!