OTMOY – Detergent For Everything

Ekaterina Karpova

The design project of the universal gel for washing dishes, hands, body, hair, face, toys 18+, clothes, sneakers and everything “OTMOY” is aimed at increasing the comfort of life of a specific target audience. This is a line with clean aromas of “fresh mint”, “sea breeze” and “wild berry”.

A product for a single guy who washes dishes once a week, hates spending a lot of time looking for a suitable product, prefers an “all-in-one” and likes when everything is simple and clean.

To choose a suitable detergent from a huge variety and to save money by buying one detergent instead of ten.

A unique product with which you no longer need to spend a lot of time searching and buying many different detergents for different tasks, because now you can actually wash everything. The logo design symbolizes a vertical, tall and neat stack of everything that can be washed, while the horizontal typography, like detergent, passes through and cleanses these things.