Rebrook Cellars

CF Napa Brand Design

2787 Napa Valley Corporate Dr, Napa, CA 94558, USA

CF Napa developed their brand story around the concept that the beauty is in the journey. In winemaking, like many things in life, excellence is found through persistence and precision. The packaging needed to reflect this ethos and Rebrook Cellars’ commitment to producing wines of the highest echelon.

CF Napa was inspired by the brand owner’s background in geology and saw the parallels between the layers that provide beauty to a geode and the layers of soil that produce world-class grapes. For the main graphic of the label, we drew the geode striation with alternating layers of vibrant blue and lustrous gold foil, a representation of not only the vineyard terroir but also building toward magnificence over time. A multi-faceted gem with an R was developed for the icon of the brand. The icon, wordmark, and wine data were stamped in gold foil, creating a striking contrast against the black background and calling attention to the prized AVAs from which the wine was sourced. For a final touch, the brand tagline, “The Beauty is in the Journey” was printed in gold around the skirt of the capsule.