London, UK

Creative Agency: Me + James Studio
Designer/Art Director Linda Baritski, James Stewart, Rob Key
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Cherub Food
Location: London
Packaging Contents: Baby Food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Creating the logo, branding, packaging design and advertisement campaign for the brand, Season of Victory (Linda Baritski) worked with Me + James Studio (James Stewart and Rob Key) on this project.

They wanted the branding to be an alternative to the overused “animal mascots” and “hand-drawn type” that are typical solutions for the baby food sector. By creating something clean and impactful, the brand stands out on shelf against its competitors.

Also, the simplicity of the design allows for flexibility across all items and also expresses the simplicity of the ingredients.

What’s Unique?
Baby food packaging and infant branding in general, tends to rely heavily on character mascots and naive typeface choices. By keeping the design minimal, the product is eye-catching but still playful.