Design: @hej_mona , Pet Nat is the abbreviation for Pétillant Naturel (French naturally sparkling) and refers to sparkling wines whose perlage is the result of fermentation in the bottle according to the so-called Méthode Rurale.

Unlike the usual process, no carbonic acid is added from the outside, but foams through its self-produced carbon dioxide. Since Pet Nat is considered a punk among sparkling wines, this should also be reflected in the bottle design for Carla Blum. To keep a small recognition value, the corporate flower was stylistically traced + modified, as well as the corporate red integrated into the design. As a contrast, the name was tagged above it in a punky, gradient graffiti font. True to style with crown cork. The Pet Nat is limited to a quantity of 1/400 and was numbered by Carla herself.