Olivia Cazzato, Brand design

Mona Wingerter

Design: @hej_mona

Logo, packaging, print + web design for goldsmith Olivia Cazzato. Since Olivia is from Italy and her jewelry is strongly inspired by Italian design, this should also be reflected in the design. Three minimalist logos were created for her. A figurative mark in the shape of an olive tree to reference Olivia’s roots, and a word mark that can be used in combination.

For the branding of her jewelry, a subtle embossed symbol was designed, as a modified form of her logo. In keeping with the corporate design, her customers receive a gold embossed jewelry box made of a picture & word mark combination inside and out, which can be wrapped in the branded tissue paper. This is accompanied by a business card embossed with the picture mark and two different flyers with space for a personal dedication. The flyers and business card are designed so that they can also be laid out as advertisements to draw attention to Olivia.

The design of the shop window was sketched beforehand in order to decide how the shop window should be designed and staged. Since Olivia’s family produces their own olive oil in Italy, a minimalist design for an olive oil bottle was created as a small giveaway.  You can find Olivia in her workshop in Worms, at Herrnsheimer Schloss.