Fruit Juice Redesign, Augenwaide

Mona Wingerter

Design: @hej_mona

Label redesign of the fruit juices for the Gaumenwaide in Flörsheim Dalsheim. The design reflects the rustic rural, mixed with a modern minimalist design. In order to tell a unique selling point and a story, standard stock images were deliberately avoided and only Ai (artificial intelligence) art was used. The focus of the design is the 4 Ai generated vintage drawing of the fruit juices grape, apple, quince and quince + apple. The labels are printed on recycled paper in such a way that they can be carved on the side to match the year. Thus, the sustainable design of the label can be used for several years. The fruit comes from the Blum winery, which is why the old family crest from Anno 1620 was also integrated into the modern design. The juices can be purchased directly at Augenwaide in Flörsheim-Dalsheim.