Designed by StudioIN, Russia.

Milk is a universal and indispensable product.
Going along with the modern tendency to popularize healthy lifestyles and recognizing the importance of environmental protection, we suggest that this product, serving all peoples well since times immemorial, should be super-popularly served in aluminum cans. Their advantages include light weight and strength, aesthetical appearance and compactness. Aluminum cans fully preserve the natural taste and quality of the product and are easily opened. Because of the new design of the packaging, milk may not be just served at home but also taken along anywhere.

Within the same concept, we also suggest a possible extension of the technology of the production of the Tetra Pak packaging. Our idea is using Congreve stamping in the production of regular milk cartons.

The design of the whole line is built on the contrast between the color of the logo with the predominant white, which, as we see it, goes just fine with the product. The soft pastel colors are either lighter or darker depending on fat content and may differ according to varying tastes. The appearance of the packaging will make this traditional product go well with the modern times and make a room for it among the popular beverages of the latest generations.

Because milk is so good for everyone and because of the radically new packaging, Goodmilk may now be called a super-drink.