Creative Agency: STUDIOIN
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Sports nutrition supplements
Location: Moscow, Russia

It is always a challenging and ambitious project to launch a new Russian product onto the existing market filled with foreign brands.

It is more so ambitious if we are talking about specialized sports nutrition products.

Due to the growing popularization of sports the consumption of various sports nutrition supplements has increased considerably. For the last few years numerous domestic brand names appeared on the Russian market. By tradition, most of them exploit the conventional appearance of the American equivalent s. This approach however leads to the loss of brand’s own individuality and identity which decreases the customer trust.

For our BINASPORT brand name we chose a different strategy and created a colorful, distinctive and conspicuous packaging which will challenge its homogeneous competitors.

Original vibrant color, salient and expressive star-formed logo demonstrates the connection to our native, Russian sports and is eye-catching. Well built stylistic concept of the line position the brand as the victor, the leader with its own market space. Colorful and recognizable package design is attractive, memorable and helps to build the trust and respect for the product.