Designed by Sergio Laskin of Studio43, Latvia.

Studio43 was asked to develop an existing product line of sugar nuts by Latvian company Fooderus. We must say that the products were already so cool, that we were afraid we won’t be able to create something as slick and stylish, but… But we think we’ve managed to make something different, but that has some links with the previous looks at the same time! There are 6 flavors.

We are constantly improving recipes of our products, we are taking into consideration all ancient traditions of our production in order to give it a really perfect taste!

All of our products are made by hand, by masters of their own craft, from especially high-quality ingredients that we are buying only from reliable, time and business-tested suppliers.

In the end, our unique product we present to our customers in a beautiful, modern, original and easy for you pack. This also allows us to effectively distinguish our product among other manufacturers. After all tasty must be not only delicious but also beautifully packed and presented to you.

We do not use preservatives and food colorings, while manufacturing our products.
Unlike other manufacturers we do not pursue big volumes of production but going forward step by step by improving the taste and quality of our products. After all our main priority is quality, not quantity.