Designed by Dutch Design House, Russia.

Hamovniki is one of the oldest beer brands in Russia. Dutch Design House (DDH) was asked to create a unique and highly visible brand presentation for the relaunch of the Hamovniki beer brand. After a thorough study of the Russian beer market, the brands’ history and global beer trends, DDH decided to re-introduce the conical-shaped bottle, which was commonly used for beer in Russia at the beginning of last century. During this era Hamovniki was one of the largest beer brands. The challenge was to communicate the brand’s rich history on the one hand and to be attractive and relevant to young beer drinkers on the other hand. Today the Hamovniki beer brand is known and loved for 150 years. Traditions of quality are kept also today, embodied in the brands’ portfolio consisting of four unique recipes: Vienna Lager, Weiss beer, Plzen Pilsner and Munich Lager.

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