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Designed by Dragon Rouge, United Kingdom.

Awakening the senses with Rio’s new design

Owned by brewery company Hall & Woodhouse, the Rio fruit crush brand was first launched 20 years ago and was in need of a brand refresh. Dragon Rouge was invited to evolve the packaging design, refresh the proposition and enhance the brand identity to validate Rio with consumers. Using our extensive research tools, we have created an improved stand out and stronger appeal for the Rio brand in the crowded soft drinks chlller.

Our research highlighted that while the Rio brand was hugely motivating to loyalists as a delicious drink made with natural fruit juice and lightly sparkling spring water, the majority of consumers, though recollecting the name, had little knowledge of the drink itself. Our challenge was therefore to dial up the bold refreshment cues and communicate Rio’s intrinsic taste and naturalness on the can to achieve much greater shelf impact and brand awareness and improve its potential in retail and convenience outlets. The design was then applied across three skus including Tropical, Tropical Light and the newly reformulated Citrus with its zesty blend of lemon, lime and orange.

Marie-Therese Cassidy, Creative Director at Dragon says “Our new refreshed packaging strengthens the Rio identity, increases the natural fruitiness and spring water communication, and significantly increases appetite appeal in order to tempt in new audiences to this vibrant fruit experience. Rio is so delicious that we’re sure once enticed everyone will be converted.”

Available in Tropical, Tropical Light and Citrus flavours, Rio is made with mouthwatering fruit juices blended with gently carbonated spring water and is available from a range of stockists including Booker, Bestway and Confex. Dragon Rouge’s new packaging is being launched to the trade in July 2013.