Agency: Redfire
Creative Director: Colin Downing
Designer: Reuben Alderson
Client: Aotea New Zealand
Country: New Zealand

Aotea New Zealand, the largest souvenir retailer in New Zealand wanted an exclusive brand that was all about New Zealand. The brand had to communicate provenance and what better way to build a brand than through story telling. They asked Redfire, a specialized branding and packaging design agency, to develop a new brand and then apply this to a multitude of packaged products.

Redfire uncovered through the research and planning stage that a significant number of the products purchased were for gifts. This formed the basis for our creative direction, where we utilized strong imagery and scenic gems to add a piece of New Zealand to every product. As we say, a picture speaks a thousand words, as the spectacular and beautiful country was used in connection to the product. So for example, instead of using bees and the honey hex for Royal Jelly ( the nutritious food that Queen Bees live off), Redfire showed the clean and pristine environments these bees live and thrive in.

The resulting creativity and packaging had immediate impact, adding significant shelf presence when merchandised. This creative has been rolled out to approximately 15 products in a range from Premium Manuka Honey to Omega 3 capsules.