Confetti Dried Fruit

Prompt Design

Creative Agency: Prompt Design
Executive Creative Director: Somchana Kangwarnjit , Prompt Design
Design Director: Tiptida Treeratwattana, Prompt Design
Designer: Honmaru & Mamew, Prompt Design
Account Executive: Pimprae Boonmueng, Prompt Design
Client: Sino-Pacific Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Location: Thailand
Project Type: Commercial Work

Fruit is an important crop in Thailand. Variety of fruits that available throughout the year makes Thai fruit becomes popular both domestically and internationally. Dried fruit is also popular and widely available in the market, however, they all look similar in the packaging with pictures of fruits.

Confetti Dried Fruit was created under the concept emphasizes distinctiveness of Thai fruit so the product needs distinctive package. Therefore, instead of pictures of fruit, the shapes of meaningful flowers in Thai culture are applied in the package of Confetti products.

With the intention to present the specialty of the products, each shape of flowers is designed with composition of the best parts of Thai fruits. The design aims to give the consumers the confidence that the product could be the gift that is not only tasty but also able to show love and care to each other.

Dried Pineapple – The package is designed with the Marigold drawings. Marigold to Thai people means prosperity which could compare to the bright and shining color of the flower. It is also the one of the auspicious flowers that is widely used in Buddhism activities in Thailand.

Mango – The package for dried mango is designed with Ylang-Ylang drawings, which represents fame, wealth, prestige.

Mixed fruits (Pineapple, Mango, and Papaya) – The package for mixed dried fruits is designed with Canna Flower drawings, which means being blessed and protected by holy spirits and happiness in the family.