Our task is to persuade the coffee and fruit smoothie entrepreneurs to switch from their usual regular syrups to our “Freshy Syrup” brand. According to the study regarding the fruit syrups in the market, we found that most brands utilize the fruit picture of about one-third of the area on the label for brand details. In addition, we have discovered that the consumer insights of the target entrepreneur groups relate to two influential points of consideration in their switch. The first logical reason is being better taste, whereas the second is that the product packaging has to be impressive and distinctive with the appearance that helps promote their shop business.

Because the “Freshy Syrup” brand is a newcomer in the mass market, we therefore have to take advantage of consumer insight in our development. Not only real fruits are mixed in the ingredients but also we offer a simple solution in assisting the arrangement of the fruit display. We communicate the perception that is commonly seen in most farmers’ fresh fruit market displays through the packaging design which has a fruit stacking shape bottle with a wraparound label illustrating its fruit skin’s natural freshness.

With this unique and outstanding packaging design, the “Freshy Syrup” sales have increased rapidly. Due to the package’s beauty and differentiation from other brands on the shelf, most entrepreneurs have purchased every taste of the “Freshy Syrup” for kiosk decoration to promote the attractive sales appearance of the shop.

Curator’s Insight

By incorporating a fruit stacking-shaped bottle and a wraparound label that mimics the natural freshness of fruit skin, Prompt design created a narrative that resonates with consumers. In a crowded market, where most brands use similar fruit imagery, “Freshy Syrup” takes a fresh and creative approach with its unique shape.


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