Entry Introduction
“Vertigreens” is an indoor farming brand, which utilizes modern, revolutionary techniques to address the challenges associated with traditional farming such as growing pressure on arable land, overuse of fertilizers and climate change. the paradigm of a more sustainable and efficient method of production. The main advantage of vertical farming technologies lies in their astonishingly high resource use efficiency such as a 1000% increase in crop yield per unit area of land, and up to 95% less water consumption. In addition, indoor means that our crops are less vulnerable to changes in climate and optimized to produce consistent yields.

Design Solution
With such a difference in the system, “Vertigreens” conveys its story through the concept of a vertical glasshouse to symbolize and transparent and seamless integration with nature itself. Therefore, this unique packaging is designed to have the distinctive looks of a vertical glasshouse. The packaging comes with ridges and edges to reflect the glass panels of a glass house and reinforce the functional structure. The architecture of the packaging reflects how our produce is protected from harsh environmental conditions, pollution and pathogens. The house-life shape symbolizes that our produce is carefully looked after / well cared for grown at home, which is what we typically serve to our family, friends, close relatives, and loved ones.

The label on the front is illustrated with graphics of a window showing each vegetable type. When arranged on the shelf, it will surely and interestingly communicate modern vertical farming and stand out among other competitors.

By using a house-shaped package, it describes how agricultural products are protected from harsh environmental conditions, pollution, and pests, and how they are carefully grown and provided to family, friends, and close relationships. It is highly appreciated because it functions well as a means of describing modern vertical farming.


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