Mantra Plant-Based Seafood

Prompt Design

The vision of the brand MANTRA is mainly to develop quality plant-based seafood products. In the seafood industry some anomalous and unacceptable activities were observed for example overfishing, and chemical contaminants in food, the seafood demand outweighs the supply. Presently some seafood is vanishing from the menus. There was a recent prediction that if overconsumption of seafood continues, by 2048 seafood may disappear.

Now plant-based food product has many competitive brands in the market. According to the research, we found that in Thailand most consumers fail to memorise the brand names due to similarities not only in the looks, and the brand colors (mostly in greenish and brownish) but also without any visual identity.

Therefore making the brand identity is very essential to the packaging design. The blue color is selected to differentiate our Plant-based seafood package from others whose colors are similar on the shelf. In addition, we put a visual aquatic animal representation with the plant leaf symbol on the front, such as fish, squid, shrimp, crab, etc.

The outer package is made from recycled paper. The inner recyclable nylon bag is chosen instead of a foil tray to minimize the use of plastic making this package totally recyclable. On the back recyclable packaging materials are illustrated together with some suggestions on environmental protection and ocean waste reduction.


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