Doi Chaang Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

Prompt Design

Wine Barrel Aged Coffee is a special technique of post-process coffee aging. This post-processing technique is to create or enhance a unique flavour and taste of coffee by bringing the best selected or premium quality coffee beans into the washed processed and then aged in oak barrels that were previously used to incubate wines in a specially design Barrel Aged Coffee Cellar. This is the same concept of DHTC Cellar (Dehumification & Temperature Control Cellar) which allows the aroma of the wine in the oak barrels to be absorbed into the coffee. Balancing flavor and aroma results in a coffee that smells slightly like brandy or wine, suitable body and mouthfill with a touch of cinnamon, berry, chocolate and herbal tea. It also has a mellow sweetness and refreshing acidity taste.

To highlight its taste, we therefore adopt the material from the used oak barrel which has been in the coffee and wine aging process for 5 years to participate in our packaging design. The oak wood from the used barrel is made to be the coffee bottle base which looks as if it were really packaged in the oak barrel. This packaging design can be arranged so that it forms in stacking as in the Barrel Warehouse appearance.

Not only does as bottle type, the Doi Chaang Wine Barrel Aged Coffee also comes in the drip coffee style where the packaging design can also display as the stacking in the Barrel Warehouse appearance.


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