RAVE is a healthy energy drink that aspires to increase the energy and enhance mental alertness and physical performance for the young generation whose lifestyle ties to sports, gaming, partying and music events. Most young people go to electronic dance music (EDM) not only for musical enjoyment but also to discover themselves, liberate themselves, uplift their spirits by dancing their stress away and blast dancing to the musical feel of light and sound. This present-day lifestyle has become the youth culture.

In designing the packaging we create the “R” to represent the RAVE ICONIC brand. This R comes from the reverse of the lightning stroke sign to illustrate its unique energy strength which then transforms into the 4 patterns of the package cans. Each pattern comes in a multitude of differences e.g. laser light beam, paintline stripe, music beat wave, etc. to attract the new generation’s preference. This RAVE ICONIC may become the future hand symbol gesture of the RAVE culture.


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