The market for cleaning products is very competitive with many existing brands. The “Terrapist” brand is created to be a happy solution for every kind of cleaning. The product ranges cover hand cleaning, mask cleaning, glasses cleaning, etc.

The design: To communicate through our packaging design the happy feeling and cleaning with a smile. The design shall be simple and has familiar look. Consequently, we created the bottle inspired by a foam drop shape to reflect its softness, cleanliness, and fluffiness. In addition, the bottle front area is embossed with magic helping hands in cleaning. The simple graphic lines are selected to convey the message of ease and happiness for different cleaning types as if having a “Terrapist” cleaning assistant.

The result: We started the sales by launching into the restaurants where the “Terrapist” bottles are placed in restrooms. We, fortunately, found a very good feedback result. Its bottle shape is very attractive to most customers because of its unique appearance and lovely design. Next we enter into the modern trade channels which receive more than expected response. Most customers buy this “Terrapist” bottles to replace their old ones because they feel that its loveliness can enhance the ambience pleasure.


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