Maida’s Particulars


Via Mario Vignola, 84025 Eboli SA, Italia

Creative Agency: nju:comunicazione
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Maida
Location: Capaccio, Paestum, Italy

Maida is an award-winning bio-farm located in Capaccio, in the South of Italy. All its products are made naturally without any chemical additives, in accordance with local tradition. “Particulars” is part of the top gourmet line Maida.

Every single piece of Particulars is hand-made. The packaging is designed to give evidence to the details of the images that come from Cilento, where all is born, and to the sides patterns that they generate.

The labels, with a picture on the top of each and all with black background, are used to give identity to each product and to split these patterns with a black line, a base to be more expressive.