Robot Food

Marshalls Mill, Marshall St, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 9YJ, UK

Agency: Robot Food
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: LOVE Popcorn
Location: Leeds, UK
Packaging Material: Foil bag

Love Popcorn explode onto the snack scene

The ultimate foodie snack brand, Love Popcorn combines real ingredients and enough indulgent variants to suit all palates. Brand and packaging design agency, Robot Food, have created a brand new identity that pops louder than the competition.

Love Popcorn is popcorn at its most indulgent with a serious focus on quality. The company were the first on the UK’s savoury popcorn scene. They started popping their artisan wares in 2008 from their own kitchen table, using only natural ingredients and producing in small batches for quality control. Now they’re relaunching with a colourful new identity that gives popcorn lovers a taste of grown-up indulgence.

Simon Forster, Creative Director at Robot Food, said, “There’s no shortage of premium popcorn brands at the moment. But many are characterised by genteel visual identities and pale colour palettes. No brand was particularly standing out. After tasting Love Popcorn, we were genuinely amazed. The quality is outstanding with unforgettably tantalising flavours. It was clear that we needed to create an identity with impact and edge.”

The name is a celebratory call-to-action, and just like the name and the flavours, the design packs a punch. The confident colour palette shouts loud and proud about the deliciousness, and the black diamond lock-up device acts as a bold stamp of quality. Real food photography emphasises the real ingredients, and these are scattered to form a signature stripe across the pack, in a nod to couture fashion. It’s high-end snacking.

Love Popcorn’s mindset is nicely encapsulated by that other – more famous – pioneer of quality, Dame Vivienne Westwood, who said, ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last.” In their hands, popcorn has transitioned from an easily eaten, easily forgotten snack to an indulgent, low-calorie flavour sensation worth savouring.